fernando Benadon

Fernando Benadon grew up in Buenos Aires, then moved to Boston to study arranging and saxophone performance at the Berklee College of Music. He then spent four years in Los Angeles and New York before heading to the Bay Area for a Ph.D. in composition at UC Berkeley. While in grad school, he lived in Istanbul for one year (teaching at ITÜ MIAM), followed by two years studying in Paris as a recipient of UC Berkeley's Ladd Prize. He is now on the faculty at American University in Washington DC.

American residency Connection

Trillium Ensemble met and collaborated with Fernando Benadon through their residency at American University in March of 2015. Included in Trillium’s concert program was the work delight/delirium, which AU faculty member Benadon composed for the occasion. Trillium enjoyed working with the composer while preparing for their performance of this energetic and dynamic piece.

As described by Benadon, delight/delirium is a musical portrait of the comic book character Delirium, youngest of the seven Endless siblings in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. Known first as Delight, Delirium’s unpredictable states of mind and emotion are tinged with psychedelic sense of naivete and incongruity.