federico garcia-De castro

Federico Garcia-De Castro has lived in the US since 2001, when he moved from his native Colombia to pursue graduate studies in composition at the University of Pittsburgh. An award-winning composer, his music is programmed regularly in concerts and festivals around the world, and has been performed in ten countries, most recently in Australia, Austria, and Italy. He was featured composer at the 2015 MusicArte Festival in Panama and the 2014 Thailand International Composition Festival, among others. In 2007, Garcia-De Castro cofounded Alia Musica Pittsburgh and has served as Artistic Director, producing and conducting ten seasons of music by living composers and classics of modern music from Ives and Varèse to Berio and Haas. In this capacity, he has also created two editions of the Pittsburgh Festival of New Music in 2014 and 2016.

Long stories short (2011)

Trillium and Federico have been friends for many years and foster a similar passion to share contemporary classical music with the Pittsburgh community. Rachael and Katie met Federico when working together as music faculty at the Winchester Thurston School and Chatham University. Katie and Rachael have also performed with Alia Musica Pittsburgh, a new music collective that Garcia-De Castro cofounded in 2007 to promote the music of living composers. Federico composed Long Stories Short for our trio in 2011 and invited us to play its premiere as part of Alia Musica’s guest concert series in the spring of that year.

Here is a bit about Long Stories Short in Garcia-De Castro’s own words: “The pieces were inspired by Bizet's Children Games, that I saw Trillium play in their inaugural concert. Nice, unpretentious pieces, fun to play and to listen to. Through the years, composers tend to accumulate nice short ideas, that are so complete on their own and so unpretentious that they don't really suggest a big sonata, or anything like that. I don't know if this is what happened to Bizet himself, but his Children Games made me realize that those ideas could be set as a set of little pieces, almost like a book of short stories. With Trillium's impulse I have started such a collection, and these are the first three "long stories short".”

As a result of this close relationship with Federico, Trillium has performed in the 2014 and 2016 Soundpike concerts as part of the Pittsburgh Festival of New Music, presented by Garcia-De Castro and Alia Musica Pittsburgh. The Soundpike concerts celebrate the growing new music scene in Pittsburgh and create an opportunity to hear and play alongside some of the city’s finest musicians.