Mark S. Fromm

Mark S. Fromm (b. 1982) is a Pittsburgh composer who uses the powerful emotional force of music to explore and engage the listener in concrete and abstract concepts, such as astronomy, cosmology, nature, the future, the unknown, humanity’s quest for knowledge, and the role of mankind in the universe. He holds degrees in music composition from Carnegie Mellon, McGill, and the University of Pittsburgh, and teaches music at Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts 6-12 School.

Silent Spring Project

Trillium Ensemble’s close relationship with composer Mark Fromm actually pre-dates the formation of the trio with the grade-school friendship between Mark and Katie. Additionally, Mark and Rachael met while studying at Carnegie Mellon University. Working with Mark seems inevitable now and his compositions have been central to Trillium’s success.

In 2012, Trillium commissioned Mark to write a piece and that resulted in the work Silent Spring, inspired by fellow Pittsburgh native Rachel Carson’s book of the same name. The ensemble's love of Mark’s other compositions led to an all-Fromm recording project in the summer of 2014. With the help of sound designer Don Maue and producer Jason Allison, we transformed Katie’s home studio into the recording studio for five of Mark’s pieces (A Citizen of the 21st Century Looks Back, e to the x, Deus Ex Machina, Borealis, and Silent Spring). These recordings were later released in 2016 in the trio’s debut album entitled Silent Spring. 

This album inspired the creation of The Silent Spring Project, a concert selected for the 2015-2016 season of the New Hazlett Theater’s Community Supported Art (CSA) Performance Series. The Silent Spring Project is an immersive musical experience, surrounding the audience with sound, light, music and storytelling. The writings of both Rachel Carson and Buckminster Fuller influenced this project, which explores our ideas of environmentalism, sustainability, and humanity’s role in the natural world.