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Matthew heap

Matthew Heap is an award-winning composer whose music has been performed all over the world. He believes that a piece will dictate the compositional materials, leading to a rather eclectic output that includes triadic harmony, atonal elements, ideas from spectralism, multiphonics, and complex rhythms. All of this is tied together by a wry sense of humor and elements from the theater, which shine through in many pieces. He has written several pieces for the Trillium Ensemble over the last six years, and hopes to write many more in the future. Matthew is currently Assistant Professor of Theory and Composition at West Virginia University.

collaborating with trillium

Trillium has been very fortunate to have formed a long-standing musical friendship with Matthew after performing his work Songs of Ice and Fire on our debut concert in 2010. Since then, we have programmed several works he's composed for our ensemble including: Whimsy #1 Childhood Quilting (2013), On the Ceiling of the Sky (2013), and most recently, Coriander, Must, and Moonbeams (2016). Matthew and Trillium are planning to collaborate on a recording project that will include his compositions for flute, clarinet, and piano/voice.