Nathan hall

Nathan Hall’s works have been called “fearless” in their multifaceted expressions of the composer’s personal and musical identity. Nathan uses music as an artistic medium to explore a variety of fields including science, nature, the fine arts, history, and sexuality. There is an element of humanity present in all of Nathan’s works, from his traditional classical pieces for chamber ensembles to experimental electronic pieces, sound sculptures, and multimedia projects. A former Fulbright Fellow to Iceland, Nathan holds degrees from Vassar College, Carnegie Mellon University, and a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He currently lives in Denver, CO.

About restless

Rachael connected Nathan and Trillium after having studied with him at Carnegie Mellon University. The collaboration is notable, as it marks our first commission as an ensemble, and the first time we performed a piece with the rare instrumentation of flute, bass clarinet and singing pianist.

Restless is a setting of a contemporary Greenlandic poem by Malik entitled ‘Restlessness’. The trio of musicians circle around this text in various ways throughout the piece; shimmering and distant are the work’s bookends, while its interior pulses with driving pop music. The heart of the work lets loose in a syllabic ecstasy (and finally a new tonal center), only to return to reality.