Scott steel

Scott Steele is a composer and new music advocate. His compositional approach aims at being constructive and sincere. A native of Pittsburgh, PA, he now happily resides in Kansas City, MO.

Scott’s compositions are often inspired by abstract, spatial imagery and color. They explore and exploit the dramatic contrast between stasis and change as well as the juxtaposition of other seemingly opposing materials.

In making music with others, past collaborators include: Trillium Ensemble, Music From China, Duo Scordatura, the Alia Musica Chamber Players, Hamiruge, FuseBox New Music, Jun Qian, Brett Dietz, Alvin Wong, Dana Boyd, Carter Enyert, Frank Kumor, A.J. Merlino, Caroline Record, and The Pillow Project.  He studied composition with David Stock, Jim Mobberley, Chen Yi, and Zhou Long.

Conversations w/Ligeti and Heidegger, (and Mom in the Background)

Steele composed Conversations w/ Ligeti and Heidegger, (and Mom in the background) for Trillium in 2013. It is written for the unique instrumentation of flute (doubling alto), b-flat clarinet (doubling bass), and piano, all with crystal glasses. Conversations was premiered in 2014 as part of the Pittsburgh Festival of New Music’s Soundpike concert with a repeat performance at American University in 2015.

The music in this piece, in one way or another, reflects each person mentioned in the title, which is itself an allusion to Ligeti’s “Self Portrait with Reich and Riley (and Chopin in the Background)". It is dedicated to Scott’s mother Brenda and a lullaby that she sang to him as a young child is interspersed throughout the piece. At one point in the work this lullaby is hummed by Katie over top of the ethereal tone of crystal glasses played by Elise and Rachael.