Silent Spring Project

The Silent Spring Project is a concert program that Trillium Ensemble created in collaboration with composer Mark S. Fromm, sound designer Don Maue, producer Jason Allison, set designer Lisa Leibering, and lighting designer Antonio Colaruotolo. The trio first premiered the Silent Spring Project as part of the New Hazlett Theater’s Community Supported Art (CSA) performance series on April 14, 2016.

This project explores the impact of mankind on the environment using musical, visual, audio, and theatrical elements. Composer Mark S. Fromm re-imagines five of his pieces into a narrative that combines Buckminster Fuller's ideas about the future of humanity with Rachel Carson's warnings about releasing too many man-made chemicals into the environment. Instead of playing one piece after the other, in a traditional concert style, the works are woven together to create one seamless story.

Inspired by Rachel Carson’s book of the same name, Mark's composition Silent Spring is the climax of the Silent Spring Project. Carson was one of the first in the environmentalist movement to criticize the use of DDT and the potentially devastating effects it could have on the earth. The Silent Spring Project takes this idea further, exploring humanity’s role in affecting the environment, from industrialization to conservation. Fromm's hopeful ending inspires us to continue efforts to preserve our environment.

Autumn Rhythms

Below are samples from our concert, Autumn Rhythms, on November 9, 2013. All recordings are live and at Frick Fine Arts Auditorium. Enjoy!

Eleven Echoes of Autumn
George Crumb

Filmed before our winter concert in February 2013 with the help of videographer, Emily Wingfield, and sound engineer Chris Catone! Enjoy!

Silent Spring
Mark S. Fromm

World Premiere June 8, 2013
Frick Fine Arts Auditorium

The Mill
Chris Catone

Trillium Ensemble collaborated with Chris Catone in this film production of The Mill.